CAMI Questionnaire & Key

Conditions of Usage

Permission is freely granted to use the CAMI scale for research, educational, academic and professional purposes, subject to two conditions: [1] the user makes appropriate attribution of the CAMI source; and [2] in order to avoid confusion or ambiguity, any modification(s) to the original scales must be clearly identified and recorded by the user in all reports and documentation pertaining to the user’s project.

To access the CAMI Scale survey questionnaire and key, please fill in the form and check the permission agreement box.

For a thorough explanation of this research, and the development and purpose of the survey, read the article “Scaling Community Attitudes Toward the Mentally III” by S. Martin Taylor and Michael J. Dear.

NOTE: If outside the U.S. and are denied access to the document, please try using a VPN connection.


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